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Electronic Patient Intake Forms

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Filldoc Medical provides HIPAA-Compliant electronic patient intake form completion, electronic signatures, photo ID/insurance card upload, and even online payments from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone - straight from a secure link on your website. Your patient will not need to create an account or log in to any third-party website or portal.

Filldoc’s secure, HIPAA-Compliant admin interface can host an unlimited number of forms in one place, which makes for ultra-simple management. Your team will receive notifications when signed documents, uploads, or payments from your patients are ready to be securely retrieved.

Filldoc will cut your costs, make your practice run more efficiently, increase profits, and help you to become more secure and HIPAA-compliant. This solution is a game-changer for medical practices of all sizes and specialties, and your patients will love the simplicity and convenience as well!

Reliable, Robust & HIPAA-Compliant

Filldoc Leads The Way In Data Security & Reliability


Filldoc is a HIPAA and HITECH Compliant electronic web form solution that resides on our powerful cloud servers that are located in the secure, 24/7 surveillance and access-controlled data centers of Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data transmitted and stored via Filldoc is automatically encrypted to safeguard the privacy of your patients and to keep your practice HIPAA-Compliant.

We selected AWS as our partner after performing several months of due diligence and carefully analyzing every option. We ultimately selected AWS due to their position as an industry leader and the resources that they have to build and maintain the world’s most secure data centers.

We were particularly impressed with the secure design and site selection of AWS facilities, as their data center locations are carefully selected to minimize the risk of hurricanes, flooding, extreme weather, and seismic activity. We were equally pleased with AWS policies pertaining to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Physical Access Monitoring, Surveillance & Detection, Device Management, Operational Support Systems, Infrastructure Maintenance, and Governance & Risk protocols.


Filldoc enables you to centralize all of your practice’s paperless patient forms, employee applications, and even payments into one place. Ready to get started? Let’s talk!



Many practices have Protected Health Information (PHI), Social Security Numbers, and even Credit Card Authorizations lying around their front desk. That’s risky and so is sending and receiving the same insecurely by fax or email! Filldoc lives on our secure cloud servers in AWS Data Centers and is HIPAA-Compliant!


Admin Interface

A user-friendly admin interface will be custom created based upon your needs. Your staff will receive notifications and login to the admin interface to securely retrieve signed patient forms, insurance card uploads, and even payment authorizations. Think of how much easier the insurance verification process will be when employees don’t have to spend time on the phone gathering information!


Multiform Capable

Whether you have one patient form packet or have created separate forms for various procedures, providers, or appointment types, you can rest assured knowing that all signed forms, uploaded files, and even payment authorizations can be managed from one single admin interface!


Integration & Patient Satisfaction

Our Filldoc for Medical solution can be seamlessly integrated into any website within minutes – no host access required! Enabling your patients to forego the germy clipboards and complete your paperwork from their own computer, tablet or smartphone saves time, money, and makes for a less stressful appointment day!

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Using Filldoc For Medical

Sign-up for Filldoc and we’ll begin customizing a solution based on your practice’s patient forms, goals, and specifications. Have more than one form? No problem! All forms, patient records, and features can be managed from one single admin interface. The look and feel of your solution will also be customized to match your unique branding, colors, and logo!

Confirmations & Alerts

When a patient completes and submits your online form, they will receive an email confirmation and your staff will receive a notification that new files are available to be retrieved from your admin interface. HIPAA compliance is strictly maintained at all levels.

Record Retrieval

Your staff will be able to login to your admin interface to securely retrieve all information submitted – including the signed patient forms with validated electronic signatures, patient IDs, insurance cards, and even payment authorizations with credit card information!

Insurance Verification

No more spending valuable time on the phone to gather patient information and insurance card details! Our Filldoc For Medical solution simplifies the process of insurance verification – long before appointment day!

Appointment Day

With no requirement to arrive early, print paper forms, or get called back to see the provider before forms are even completed, Filldoc For Medical makes appointment day less stressful and more enjoyable for both the practice and the patient! In the unlikely event that a new patient turns out to be a “no-show” or an established patient fails to appear for a booked procedure, your practice will now have signed authorization to bill for the missed appointment!

Our Integration Partners

Our programmers have worked hard to enable Filldoc to integrate seamlessly with numerous leading Email Marketing, CRM, Payment Gateway, and SMS Platforms. Take a look at all of the integration partnerships we've created over the years!

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Our Partnership With Amazon Web Services Is An Asset To Our Clients

AWS leads the world in terms of data security and maintains compliance across numerous industries. It is for these same reasons that AWS is trusted by governmental agencies with rigorous data security standards, such as the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission.

Department of Defense