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Filldoc Is A Web-Based Paperless Form Solution

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Data Security

There’s nothing secure about paper forms or form attachments submitted insecurely over the internet. Filldoc includes bank-level security encryption and is HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI DSS Compliant. You can also rest assured knowing that Filldoc resides on our cloud servers in the secure, 24/7 surveillance-controlled data centers of Amazon Web Services, who leads the world in terms of data security.

All Filldoc data transmitted is automatically encrypted to safeguard the privacy of those completing your paperless forms.


Our Simple Process



Your Filldoc solution will be custom-built to meet your goals, specifications, and the unique look of your company’s brand. We begin this process by identifying all needed form fields, deciding which fields are required or optional, and identifying how to appropriately present each field – I.E. single line text, dropdown, multiple choice, checkboxes, paragraph text. We then integrate any needed features such as electronic signatures with verification data, document/image uploads, and online payments. A sleek and professional look and feel comes standard, but we go the extra mile and ensure that the look and feel of your Filldoc solution will complement your company’s unique branding, colors, logo etc.


Testing & Integration

When customization is completed, we’re on to the browser and device testing phase. After results are perfect... it’s time for integration. This process literally takes minutes and just involves implementing a secure link into your website. You are not required to give us access to your web hosting.



Once integrated, those who need to complete your paperless forms will immediately have access to do so – straight from a secure link on your website. Filldoc does not require those completing the form to create an account or log in to any third-party website or portal. Some organizations also choose to email or text links to the paperless forms or provide the links on billing statements. Once someone completes your paperless form, the appointed member(s) of your team will begin to receive notifications and can securely login to retrieve all completed forms, document uploads, signature verifications, and/or payment information! Have multiple forms? That’s awesome! They can all be hosted from the same secure interface!

Every Industry Benefits

Filldoc is highly versatile and can help save costs, time, and build profits in nearly every type of organization – both in the private and public sectors. This solution works wonders for creating paperless Case Evaluation Forms, Loan Application Forms, Contractual Agreements, Employment & Education Application Forms, Registration Forms, Hotel Booking Forms, Satisfaction Surveys, Customer Feedback Forms, Camp Registration Forms, Appointment Request Forms, Sport Signup Forms, Restaurant Reservation Forms, Order Forms, Police Incident Report Forms, IT Ticket Forms, Service Inquiry Forms, and much more!

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Secure paperless form completion via any device with an internet connection is already awesome, but our solution also has many advanced features to supercharge your organization’s productivity. With Filldoc, you will be able to receive validated electronic signatures that are admissible in a court of law, multiple document and photo uploads, and even online payments! Best of all – don’t worry about spam. Our solution is guaranteed to be spam-free & bot-proof – even without the need for any annoying captcha verification process!

Filldoc Is A Forward-Thinking Solution

Choosing Filldoc means that daily tasks are accomplished more efficiently and with less stress. Your team and any person who needs to complete your paperless forms will love the convenience that this solution has to offer. No more germy paper forms, no more snail mail, no more taking liability risks and being perceived as careless and unprofessional when you ask for sensitive information to be delivered insecurely, via email or fax. Filldoc is a game-changer for all types of businesses, organizations, departments, and industries.

Our Integration Partners

Our programmers have worked hard to enable Filldoc to integrate seamlessly with numerous leading Email Marketing, CRM, Payment Gateway, and SMS Platforms. Take a look at all of the integration partnerships we've created over the years!

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Our Partnership With Amazon Web Services Is An Asset To Our Clients

Filldoc is a digital form solution that resides on our powerful cloud servers that are located in the secure, 24/7 surveillance and access-controlled data centers of Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data transmitted and stored via Filldoc is automatically encrypted with 256-bit bank-level security encryption.

We selected AWS as our partner after performing several months of due diligence and carefully analyzing every option. We ultimately selected AWS due to their position as an industry leader and the resources that they have to build and maintain the world’s most secure data centers.

We were particularly impressed with the secure design and site selection of AWS facilities, as their data center locations are carefully selected to minimize the risk of hurricanes, flooding, extreme weather, and seismic activity. We were equally pleased with AWS policies pertaining to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Physical Access Monitoring, Surveillance & Detection, Device Management, Operational Support Systems, Infrastructure Maintenance, and Governance & Risk protocols.

AWS maintains compliance across numerous industries and is trusted by governmental agencies with rigorous data security standards, such as the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission.

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