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Filldoc is an innovative digital form solution that is custom-built to perform. Sleek and user-friendly, Filldoc is symbolic with top-notch custom design that complements a company’s branding. It is anything but basic, and it is NOT simple electronic versions of paper forms or DIY form builder software. Through its step-by-step digital form completion process and conditional logic capabilities, Filldoc provides an enhanced user experience. Digital signatures with tracking data, document/photo/ID uploads, and online payments all come standard. Filldoc can also seamlessly integrate with numerous platforms for Email Marketing, SMS Notifications, CRM, EMR, and various Business Management Platforms. Filldoc is HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI DSS Compliant. It is also backed by a dedicated team who offers a stress-free experience and VIP service – no client effort required!

Filldoc provides digital web forms for numerous industries. Common uses include Online Patient Registration, School & Employment Applications, Legal Case Intake - and so much more!

Why Filldoc?

Millions choose Filldoc Digital Forms! Users love its fully-branded custom design, intuitive step-by-step completion process, legally-binding signatures with tracking data, and ability to collect payments, IDs, photos & attachments during form completion!

Robust & Hi-Tech

Think bank-level security encryption. HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS Compliant. 100% spam-free & bot-proof. No shared servers. No shared databases. No security risks. No downtime. Turn-key service and easy website integration. No coding, tech skills, or web host access required!

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Filldoc is a HIPAA and HITECH Compliant digital web form solution that resides on our powerful, cloud-based servers in the secure, 24/7 surveillance and access-controlled data centers of Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data transmitted and stored via Filldoc is automatically encrypted to safeguard privacy.

We partnered with AWS due to their position as an industry-leader and the resources that they have to build and maintain the world’s most secure data centers that are thoughtfully-built to proactively prevent risks and security breaches.

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Law Firms

Various Legal Specialties

Prospective clients know the details of their potential case the best, and they are often times anxious to tell their story. Instead of wasting resources on in-house case intake employees or contracting with companies to screen potential cases over the phone, use Filldoc to give those who visit your website the chance to submit their personal information and all details of their potential case securely from the comfort of their computer or favorite mobile device. Required fields and system verifications will ensure that all information is submitted and signed completely and accurately. Potential clients can also upload Photo IDs or any supporting documentation simultaneously. Our system benefits both the law firm and potential client.

Medical Industry

Dental, Medical & Surgical Practices

Regardless of the field of medicine or medical specialty, paperwork is essential to the medical industry. From the new patient intake process to payment authorizations and consent forms for surgery, quality assurance and keeping Protected Health Information (PHI) secure are key. The struggle among dental and medical practices is that most patient paperwork is completed and delivered in haste. Important fields are left blank. Hand-writing is illegible. Patients are frustrated on appointment day simply due to the paperwork process, and HIPAA-compliance is breached at numerous levels. It is for these reasons that Filldoc For Medical is a game-changer for providers and patients...

Apartment Communities

Residential Leasing

In many highly competitive rental markets, potential tenants have numerous choices concerning where to live. What they do not always have is an easy means to print and scan apartment applications and consent forms. Give your community the competitive edge by making the tenant application process fully digital, secure, and accessible from any internet connection. No more printing, scanning, making inconvenient trips, or taking liability risks with unsecure transmission over email or fax. Filldoc will positively impact your company’s everyday operations, streamline the application process, and attract potential tenants!


Banking & Finance

In today’s market, there are numerous lenders, though not all are created equally when it comes to convenience and being tech savvy. Since obtaining financing is one of the most stressful times for any consumer or business, offering a simple and secure online application process will be most appreciated by those who are interested in trusting you with their business. From one simple click on your website, borrowers will be able to securely complete your loan application, e-sign where necessary, and upload any needed IDs and files. Signatures are validated with tracking data and are legally binding, and the entire process can be completed via an internet connection from any device!

Human Resources

Employment Applications

Top employees want to work with forward-thinking companies who invest in the best technology and tools. Impress your job candidates and attract more top-notch applicants with an application process that is simple, secure, and can be completed in minutes online from any device. Applicants will input all information in a step-by-step process, sign where necessary, and upload any required documents. Accuracy, legibility, and compliance can all be ensured when your unique needs and requirements are integrated into our innovative online paperless form solution.

Educational Institutions

Private Schools, Colleges & Universities

Private schools are expected to be a cut above the rest, so shouldn’t your application process be as well? Impress students and their families with a modern, yet user-friendly, online application process that can be completed from the comfort of home. No more printing, scanning, mailing, or dropping off applications in-person. No more security risks or liability concerns due to asking applicants to send in sensitive information via unsecure means such as email or fax. Filldoc will transform and greatly improve the way that your educational institution receives and processes applications!

Commercial Leasing

Office Space & Retail

You work hard to ensure that your commercial properties have modern conveniences to attract tenants, but is your application process falling short of the brand image you’ve sought to achieve? Filldoc can change that – quickly and effectively. With our solution, corporate tenant applicants can be directed to your website to securely complete and sign your application within minutes. Since business owners greatly value their time, the convenience of this process will attract quality tenants by simplifying the application process.

Daycare Centers

Early Childhood

Parents of young children in need of daycare are already juggling family and work demands. Before making a decision on which childcare facility to select, most families will visit between three and five centers. Instead of inconveniencing busy families with having to complete and scan or drop-off paper application forms, having the convenience of our Filldoc software will offer your organization a competitive advantage. Your administrative staff will love the streamlined process, and parents will appreciate a quick, easy, and secure way of filling out and signing forms online – whenever the time is right for them!

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We partner with numerous industry-leading companies to ensure that Filldoc users benefit from optimal security, compliance, functionality, and performance features.

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